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Something In the Air. By Keith Robinson, makingit.com

Dear ER: A well written and balanced article [“Regaining control,” ER March 31, 2011].

My research team and I have just published the outcomes of a randomized clinical trial of moderatedrinking.com and Moderation Management with 12-month outcomes in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (April, 2011). Our outcomes are consistent with this woman’s story and the comments about moderate drinking.
Reid K. Hester
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Alcoholic obsession
Dear ER: “The Moderation Management movement suffered a significant setback in March 2000 when newspapers reported that the MM founder, Audrey Kishline, killed two people while driving drunk on a highway in Washington State.”

All alcoholics are obsessed with trying to drink “moderately.” These alcoholics are no different. It doesn’t work.
‘Are Fair’
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Depressed drinking
Dear ER: I am an alcoholic and addict. I like to steal the words of Joe Walsh – “I only got drunk once but it lasted 20 years.”

I went to treatment three times and finally figured out that I was going to die if I kept it up. But I also figured something else out that helped me out the most, and I think it is a very common situation among most of those with a drinking/drug problem. I was undiagnosed with depression. And I believe that there are more undiagnosed people everywhere.
I also am a Native American now living on a reservation and I can literally see those with the depression long before I smell the alcohol on their breath. Unfortunately, mental issues are a taboo subject, and therefore go undiagnosed and untreated.
If anyone reads these stories and says to themselves “that is me” I really encourage you to at least sit down and talk with a mental councilor first. They can steer you in the right direction and even subscribe something that will help get you on the right track.
Bill Poupart
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‘Vital’ questions
Dear ER: On Feb. 23, at the Beach Cities Health District board meeting, I posed the question was any thought given to doing cost/benefit predictions of individual Vitality City components ahead of time.

I was told that it wasn’t necessary, measurements would be done at the very end, i.e. we will spend all of your money first and tell you later if it was worth it. Not the answer a corporate board would accept from a CEO, or a City Council beholden to taxpayers would accept from a city manager, but perhaps the answer we should expect from a government agency operating from behind a veil of impunity.

The board demonstrates extreme contempt for public input by limiting public comments to a tiny fraction of the total meeting time. And it’s not like City Council meetings where there is a full docket of other business. The BCHD meetings are mostly taken up with general feel good platitudes. Vitality City states they want 30,000 involved. Are those people or lemmings?

We need a pinch of skepticism to go into the blue sky recipe and a whole lot more public scrutiny of BCHD. To be fair CEO Susan Burden seems to be a genuinely well intentioned person, board members serve at no or little pay and two seem genuine and non dismissive of the public.

We have Adventure Plex, perhaps it has a good benefit-to-cost ratio. BCHD might be the best thing since sliced bread, the jury is still out. But the question remains, does BCHD exist to serve the public or to justify their own existence? Yuri, Jerry O, Bill V, Dave W, Gary O, Bev M, Jim L, where are you when we need you? Am I to be the lone Nattering Nabob of Negativity?
Richard O Strom
Manhattan Beach

Letters July 22, 2010

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