Surf’s Up in Manhattan Beach

Waking up with the waves on Friday, I’m Surf Junkie Jeff with your Manhattan Beach Patch surf report. Well, we’re seeing a new dose of fun-size surf out there, so if you’re starting your holiday weekend a little early, go grab a session!

The conditions are starting off mostly clean, with a mixture of energy in the water. We’re seeing mainly an increase in the northwest swell and very little south southwest energy out there.

That recipe is offering this stretch of sand with fast sectiony lines, which are a bit crumbly, but you can definitely find some fast workable shoulders. Most Manhattan Beach spots are running about knee to chest high, with the standout breaks pulling some shoulder high plus sets.

At 6:59 this morning the tide pushed up to a 3.3 high and then drops to a 1.6 low at 12:18 this afternoon and then climbs up once again to a 5.0 high at 6:52 this evening, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

If you’re planning on paddling, throw on at least a 3/2 fullsuit, with the water temperature averaging between 57 and 59 degrees. Have fun out there!!

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