Honey Up Your Meals With These Recipes

Bees are amazing creatures in our world that have many duties. Their most prominent duty, pollination, results in a great sweetener for humans to eat, honey. It is the healthy and natural alternative to refined sugar, raw sweeteners, or sugar substitutes. It can also be used as a home remedy for allergies, as consuming pollen from your local environment can assist in spring time sinus changes. Honey and its sweet nature, including a gentle taste and texture, has also been said to help cure morning sickness, arthritis, upset stomach, bladder infections, bad breath, and grumpy attitudes. 

Serve to anyone who needs a little pick-me-up. You just might get a sweet response. 

Nutritionally, honey is the sweetener your body can most likely process the easiest. Use a tablespoon here and there by following these simple recipes.

Gather at the Manhattan Beach Certified Farmers Market or another source:

  • 1 bottle of your favorite local honey



  • Drizzle a little on your oatmeal. Add milk of your choice, pecans, and brown sugar. You’ll have a filling start for the rest of your energy-packed day.
  • Just a spoonful in your morning coffee or tea can help shed pounds, once the refined sugar is put away for good!
  • Mix honey with frozen berries, a banana, and milk. Blend for 30 seconds and sip away on a tasty smoothie.
  • Drizzle on your cereal for an extra bite as you crunch away.


  • Create your own salad dressing with a sweet side-note. Top on any salad, bought or made. See the recipe here at bigredkitchen.com.
  • Make a peanut butter and honey sandwich!


  • Make a honey-inspired glaze for chickenpork, or beef. See more at rachaelraymag.com, tlc.com, and wholefoodsmarket.com.

Snacks: Drizzle honey on granola or dip crackers in peanut butter and honey for a protein filled mini-snack. 

Dessert: What can’t honey go on for dessert? Use it in your favorite sundae, on top of ice cream, gelato, cookies, fruits, or just have a plain ‘ol spoonful. 

Sweeten life up with a little honey for you and your hunnies.

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