How to Accommodate Vegetarians on Memorial Day

We vegetarians don’t like to inconvenience anyone and when we make that disgusted face while people are chowing down on the barbecue ribs, we swear it isn’t intentional.

Consider these five tips when hosting a Memorial Day party (or any barbecue-esque party) with a vegetarian in attendance.

1. Grill those veggies and patties separately. I always appreciate it when a hostess with the mostess buys vegetarian patties, and I smile when she grills it alongside a big, fat pork rib. Keep in mind though, the juice from the meat does slide over to the meatless patty—so do your best to cook the patties on another grill or, simply, before you slab on the meats. Affordable patties that can make the grade include Boca and Morningstar; Whole Foods also serves up its own veggie patties for cheap.

2. Pick plenty of healthy items you don’t have to cook. Most vegetarians love vegetables (and if you ever encounter one who doesn’t, consider it as peculiar as a girl who doesn’t love shoes). So, pick up some veggies that you don’t have to cook. If you want to try something different from the usual celery-and-carrots platter, try slicing up jicama, artichoke, bell peppers and squash. Complete the platters with some protein like tofu and nuts.

3. Fruit-kabobs. I attended a family barbecue last weekend and was impressed to find my mother had made fruit kabobs! She sliced Nashi pears, apples, pineapples, watermelon and bananas and stuck them on sticks for a sweet and healthy dessert. Try your hand at being as cool as my mom and do the same.

4. Turkey is meat. But you’re sweet.

5. Lastly, if you truly have no idea how to accommodate that darn herbivore, don’t be afraid to ask him/her what type of food they prefer.

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