Know When Your Favorite Fruits and Vegetables Are Available

Growing up in the state of Washington on a fruit orchard, I was spoiled by having fresh fruit right off the tree. I remember going out to the orchard at various times of the year and picking apricots, peaches, cherries, pears, and golden delicious and red apples. My grandparents had a garden with all kinds of berries and vegetables. There is just something special about eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

I don’t have access to a fruit orchard any more, but I can still enjoy the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially when they are in season. Fruits and vegetables are generally cheaper when they are in season, which is a lot easier on the budget. So win-win…your food tastes better in season and it’s cheaper.

Below is a list of popular fruits and vegetables and when they are in season.

Spring Season (March, April, May)


Summer Season (June, July, August)

Fall Season (September, October, November)


Winter (December, January February)


Year round

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