Costa Celebrates La Soiree a Paris

La Soiree a Paris was the night’s theme at the Mira Costa High School prom Saturday, held at Universal City’s famous Globe Theater.

Laughter, smiles and memories were shared by all as juniors and seniors enjoyed everything from casino games to a milkshake station with plenty of dancing in between. Classic films played on large screens while a DJ spun the latest hip-hop and RB tracks for the high schoolers to enjoy.

The phrase “tonight is going to be bomb” was jubilantly expressed by several of the teenagers as they approached the lavish affair down the lengthy, exquisite red carpet laid before them at the Globe Theater. One senior remarked, “They picked a great venue this year, they really got it right, I’m super excited.” 

Many students met before the event and rode buses to the prom, said Linda Malek, the mother of a sophomore. This year featured yellow school buses.

“As a parent, I really like the bus concept,” Malek said. “The bus not only provides another event to support the large group of wonderful friends that Elissa usually hangs out with during school, but does so in a very fun and extremely safe manner.”

Bobby Becka, the mother of a senior, agreed wholeheartedly on the safety benefits of the bus. One minor downside, she added, is that the most affordable option, a non air-conditioned, old-fashioned school bus can be a bit tough on the girls’ carefully done prom hairstyles if the windows were cracked open.

“Last year my group ended up taking a big white school-type bus and it looked, to be frank, like we were headed to the penitentiary,” said Becka’s 18-year-old daughter Clara. “But it was definitely necessary if we all wanted to ride together, since there were so many of us.”

“For me, everything is more fun to do with a large group of friends,” said Malek’s daughter, 16-year-old Elissa Wells. “Especially the prom experience, because it’s more like a big party with all your friends all made up. I don’t think it would be as meaningful an experience going just with one person.”

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