Good music and Goodfellas

Goodfellas Blake Zingale, left, and Connor Morey.

You ever listen to “A Boy Named Sue” by Johnny Cash/Shel Silverstein and “Gimme Danger” by Iggy and The Stooges, and try to figure out what they have in common? At the least, musically you might be a bit confused; lyrically you may pull some strings together… and then at last, you may wonder how the two can appeal to the same demographic. And while it may be difficult to understand how the folk singin’, country slingin’ rider in black can possibly be “punk”, it might just suffice to say they’re both a couple of Goodfellas.

With their hotrods, motorcycles, greased-up hair, guitars, and folky-punky songs about women, heartache and adventure, we’ve got a couple Goodfellas of our own making some notable music in the South Bay.

“We write songs that are simple with influences from old country, folk, punk, and rock and roll roots,” says local band the Goodfellas.

It started as a trio of Mira Costa High School seniors jamming in a garage. Connor Morey, Dayton Silva, and Blake Zingale were the original Goodfellas. With the advent of college, Silva skedaddled to San Diego and left behind what has become the beating heart of the band – Morey (guitar, vocals) and Zingale (lead guitar).

“We started to play all our songs acoustically,” says Morey. “The songs sounded different and cool, so we went with it.”

Goodfellas have gained some local ground as a mostly acoustic outfit, but have as of late been dabbling and transitioning back into electric. Their current lineup includes Evan Hein on bass, but keeping a regular drummer continues to be their busted wagon wheel for that direction.

“We have been practicing as a full electric band lately,” explains Morey. “We really would like to find a permanent drummer so that we can head in that direction, because our last [electric] show at The Lighthouse went off and was killer… We are just figuring it out as we go.”

With any manifestation of the band, the boys possess an original and professional quality about their music. Their playing is clean, the song writing is top notch, and the singer has a great voice. But while the young band is still growing and finding its feet, we are bereft of a full album, or even an EP. Aside from live shows, what we can get our hungry hands on is a set of three tracks which capture their essential acoustic core. A song like “Fallin Outta Love” could be played over the juke box to ears that would reckon they’ve known the wistful tune all along.

We can hopefully look forward to additional recordings in the near future – and while many of us may be just fine with an acoustic Goodfellas LP… for goodness’ sake, will somebody find this great local band a drummer?

Until then, live shows are a great way to live. From Suzy’s to South Bay Customs, Goodfellas can often be seen and heard playing alongside the likes of local bands Hang Dog Expression and The Grit Dogs. Tonight, June 9 at The Lighthouse, they’ve been invited to perform at the Two Year Anniversary my beating heART SHOW, Seven Deadly Sins edition.

Live painting will take place from Sam Harang, Chris Bowman, Max Becker, Nadia Salazar, Jon Hall, Max Hanson, and Sara Johnson (an artist for each sin). Goodfellas will likely play an acoustic set due to their drummer situation. They’ll be joined by The Bad Bad Things, Temporal Love, Smart Patrol, and some type of special guest.

For more information on Goodfellas or for any wise guys wishing to inquire about their open drummer seat, visit their Facebook page at!/Goodfellas.SB. You can listen to and download their three available tracks at The my beating heART SHOW begins at 9 p.m. at the Lighthouse, June 9, and is free. ER

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