Redondo lobster poachers pinched

Redondo breakwall lobsters

Wardens seized 132 lobsters taken illegally from the Redondo Breakwall.

Lobster divers who worked the Redondo Breakwall on opening day, last Saturday, and were disappointed with their catch, now have an explanation.

Two days prior to opening day, five divers grabbed 132 lobsters from the breakwall. Many of the lobsters were shorter than the legal minimum size .

Fish and Game wardens who had been watching the five men, arrested them when they attempted to drive off in their pick up.

The men were identified as Ramon Gonzalo Montes, 28, Omar De Leon Aguilar, 26, and Juan Manuel De Leon Haro, 34, all of Los Angeles and Augustin Granados, 67, and Ruben Flores, Jr. 38, of South Gate.

The lobsters were returned to the ocean by the wardens.

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