Possible furlough days for teachers

The Redondo Beach Unified School District and the Redondo Beach Teachers Association agreed to include possible furlough days in the event that the state budget revenue triggers reductions.

“In the event that budget reductions happen, we have reached an agreement with the Teachers Association dependent on any cuts we receive from the state,” Assistant Superintendent Nancy Billinger said.

Discussion regarding furlough days began at the end of last year and picked up again recently. A state moderator was brought in to help them come to an agreement.

“We had a series of discussions and came to an agreeable end,” said the president of the Redondo Beach Teachers Association, Amy Santa Cruz.

The contingency plan makes it possible for teachers to have up to four furlough days (non-paid work days) depending on the amount of money in the budget that is cut.

“We are hoping for no reductions,” said Billinger. “But we needed to protect ourselves in case it does. This is a worst case scenario.”

The plan leaves room for five options based on the state budget cuts. If there are no cuts, there will not be any furlough days. In case of cuts, the final four options outline the amount of cuts and corresponding amount of furlough days. If RBUSD 2011-2012 funded Base Revenue Limit per unit of ADA (average daily attendance) is reduced by $75-$124 from the 2011-2012, adopted, state budget Base Revenue Limit perADA, the work year will be reduced by one day. The maximum amount of furlough days outlines a reduction by $250, and allows four furlough days.

“All of us realized it was the best decision for the district to help keep class sizes down,” said Billinger. “It won’t offset the budget cuts, but it will help.”

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