Music Previews: Fartbarf at Texas Loosey’s and singer-songwriters at Suzie’s

Fartbarf appears at Texas Loosey’s Friday night.


I still hear people mumble about how these guys shoot themselves in the foot with a name like Fartbarf. Bottom line: they sound good, they look good, they perform good; so, those incapable of accepting their silly name may as well make an appointment with the podiatrist.

Fartbarf call their sound more eclectic than the offspring of a Tijuana hooker, and have defined themselves as post-Neanderthal Analog Synthesizer Rock n’ Roll. With Josh McLeod and Dan Burley perched behind keyboards and various devices on the sides, and Brian Brunac sitting behind drums in the middle, it’s a torrent of genre-bending sound this funky three-piece is able to throttle from their instruments. Dance, rock, punk, disco, psych… it’s difficult to say just what their crazed elixir is. At any rate, a show with these sharply-dressed apemen guarantees a powerfully energized, explosive time full of dancing, madness, hilarity, and the odd sense that these quirky boys are on to something big.

Did I mention they sing like robots?

Like the unfettered nature of children, it seems that Fartbarf will play just about anywhere. From Brixton to Saint Rocke, Suzy’s to Shore, Gasser Lounge to Mariachi bars, LA to Long Beach, International music festivals to Halloween backyard parties. And, oh yes, Texas Loosey’s Chili Parlor Saloon this Friday, Jan 6 at 10:30 P.M..

Those lacking in the know, may find it tasty or tasteless to learn that Texas Loosey’s, located at 22252 Palos Verdes Blvd. in Torrance (bordering South Redondo), offers drink specials, lunch specials, Tex-Mex Tuesdays, fashion shows, karaoke, and live entertainment – all spiced up by female servers wearing assless chaps. Oh, and kids eat free (ages 10 and under).

Even while KROQ 106.7 FM has been working on some type of live footage video feature of Fartbarf, this scene fits this band perfectly perfect. (Official after party scheduled for Gasser Lounge, located at 1500 Aviation Blvd. in Redondo Beach.)

–Jeff Vincent

Songwriters at Suzy’s

This Friday, Jan 6, seekers of the softer side of rock, blues, or folk can look to Suzy’s Bar Grill in Hermosa Beach (located at 1141 Aviation Blvd.) for a singer/songwriter night with Erik Anders, Kapali Long, and Tim Moyer.

Anders refers to his music as a mixture of ballads and Americana. His singer/songwriter approach has been compared to the likes of John Denver, James Taylor, and Glen Campbell.

Kapali Long, now in his mere early 20s, is a Hawaiian-born and raised musician who escaped the decadence of Hollywood to relocate in Hermosa Beach. He’s a mult-instrumentalist on guitar, bass, piano, and drums, and he loves to sing. According to Fred Milani, procurer of Wednesday Open Mic Night at Fat Face Fenner’s Fishack, he is a rare raw talent.

Tim Moyer has shared stage with notable famous acts Dave Mason, Howard Jones, and America. For over 15 years he’s been working to gain a reputation as one of Southern California’s leading singer/songwriters. While his circle may call his just that, he’s successfully secured himself the following additional titles: JPF’s Best Folk Album 2001, OCMA’s Best Male Performer 2002, TVIFF’s Musica Festival Winner 2004, IEMA’s Best Male Artist 2005 and 2006, and IEMA’s Best Solo Pop 2007.

– Jeff Vincent

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