The Nightlife: 5 Cougar Dens, Day After Daze band

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Zinc Lounge at Shade Hotel, Manhattan Beach. Photo by Anna Cox


Changing Gears: Union Cattle Company will change its look, menu, and staff to a whole new “Farm to Table” type of restaurant in the very short future. Finally closed: Lotus Yogurt. Opening in its spot in early spring, skincare store Derm, similar to Sephora, with esthetician services in back. . . . Facelift central: 900 block of Hermosa Avenue. Façade of Barnacles got new stucco, waiting on paint. Finished remodel: La Campagna features a huge indoor mural, faux gilt ceiling, and snuggly, inviting booths. Banzai Beach reopens as Budokan next week. . . .Open any day now: Establishment. Keep eyes peeled. . . .Celebrity sightings: Kings hockey enforcer, Kevin Westgarth shopping for men’s shirts at Fernando’s Clothing Boutique. Kurt Rambis, former head coach for the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves working out on Hermosa Beach sand. He knows how to savor sunny days. . . .Birthday Shout Outs for January: Boston native, Marie K. celebrates with EC Twins Jan 19 at Sangria. Local socialite = “localite” usually surrounded by a gaggle of Brazilian fashionistas, Maryam P. celebrates at a private party at Baja Sharkeez MB. Security Host Kelvin G. of The Shore will be there as well for his own birthday.

5 Potential Cougar Dens:

This list can also be called “Places to Avoid Drunken Fools and Pretty Baby Brats.” Use this treasure map to hunt them down or avoid them, depending on your mood. Let’s define some terms: Puma 25-35, Cougar 35-50, Jaguar 50+ Let’s all mix it up.

1. Shade–Regular spotting of celebrities if you know who you’re looking at. Watch out! This place harbors plenty of big-deals, former big-deals, and big-deals yet to come (actor types). I’m too blonde to notice the difference. Come here to feel grown up. And young at the same time.

2. HT Grill—Attractive men and women of all ages. Plus a choice of indoor/outdoor ambiance. One of my guy friends claims he “feels like a piece of fresh meat.” Take it as a compliment, buddy. These women are smokin’ hot.

3. Panchos—Women traveling in packs. What’s new? Remarkable band Thurs through Sat, “Day After Daze,” features professional touring musicians like a singer from Alice Cooper. Is it a restaurant or a treehouse? Feels like Swiss Family Robinson, with a bar. Not a bad thing. This cantina is a restaurant so it’s okay to bring your teenage kid/ designated driver.

4. Muchos—Stiff drinks keep everyone giggling with a good time. I love the cucumber-jalapeno margarita. Vegas-type lights and décor. Couple up or get your dance on.

5. Chez Melange—No gold diggers here. These women have nice hand bags, which they’ve bought themselves. Bring your A-game, boys. Good luck to you. Restaurant closes at 10 p.m.

My favorite thing Week #2: Security Hosts Ty and Mark at The Strand House.

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