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Roger Johnson, President, National Farmers Union

Senior hunger is a problem that doesn’t discriminate. Whether in the middle of a metropolitan food desert, or on the outskirts of the tiniest rural community, millions of American seniors are at risk of hunger. In recent years, the rate of risk of senior hunger has grown higher in non-metropolitan areas than metropolitan areas, contrary to what some may believe. Seniors in rural areas face the challenge of isolation – many of them “age in place,” miles from the nearest grocery store, family member or volunteer willing to deliver them a meal.

I find that the great irony of rural senior hunger is that many of those hungry seniors were once farmers who worked their entire lives to grow and raise food for the country and the world, and who are now struggling to put food on their own tables. The National Foundation to End Senior Hunger is dedicated to solving these challenges and ending hunger for rural and urban seniors alike, but it also falls upon America’s farmers and ranchers to do their part to feed the hungry in their own communities, both directly and indirectly.. READ MORE

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