AmericanTown’s Heroes: George Vinson Inspires Children To Be Survivors

Sergeant George Vinson is a local hero in his role as a Police Officer in the K-9 unit, but he’s also a hero for what he has personally endured and how he uses that experience to help others.

Vinson was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma when he was five years old. He had a rib removed, underwent chemotherapy and missed most of his first year of school. Although he doesn’t remember all of the details of his ordeal, he does remember feeling scared. He also remembers someone he never met coming into his hospital room to cheer him up. The man had competed in a car race and won a trophy and wanted to do something nice for someone else, so he gave his trophy to Vinson. That trophy has stuck with Vinson as well as the experience, which inspired him to do the same for other children dealing with cancer. 

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