Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week, Oct. 20-26

A Week for Support, Inspiration, Peace, and Health

Bullying is a systematic campaign of interpersonal destruction that jeopardizes employee health, careers, and strains families.  Bullying is non-physical, non-lethal workplace violence. It is abusive, causing psychological injuries and stress-related diseases.

The destructive power of workplace bullying comes from secrecy.

The Workplace Bullying Institute announces the 6th annual Freedom from Workplace Bullies Week.

The week is a chance to break through the silence and secrecy. It is a week to be daring and bold.

Everyone deserves a safe, healthy, and dignified workplace.

Find advice, tips, and activities at for:

• Employers

• Coworkers

• Family

• Friends

• Unions

• Mental Health Professionals

• School Administrators

• Legislators

• Community Leaders

• Medical Professionals

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