AmericanTown’s Heroes: Radhika Narain’s Org Helps Provide a Childhood for Children

It’s a classic pay-it-forward story, only in addition to inspiring a chain reaction of giving it developed into an organization dedicated to touching the lives of the poorest children by delivering food, clothing, shoes, school supplies and other essential items.

The giving started in 2004 when a friend of Radhika Narain’s gave her $10 to put to good use and asked her to detail what she did with it for inclusion in a book called “Looking for Goodwill.” Radhika took the $10 and when a business trip landed her in India, she didn’t have to look far to see how to apply it. Over the next several years Radhika and her husband used their own money plus donations from friends and family to help them fill their suitcases and fulfill some of the basic needs of the children. Along the way they established a network of people who wanted to help and researched and connected with the children’s homes and orphanages that welcomed their contributions.

In 2012 they had enough support to create a nonprofit organization called A Childhood for Children that now helps hundreds of children every year in places like Africa, Ecuador and India as well as children in the United States, like in Florida where the organization is based. The organization is more hands-on than the typical charity group, using local Ambassadors in each country who donate their time and use their knowledge to make the connection between what the children need most and what the group can help provide.

The formal mission of A Childhood for Children is to “fulfill the basic needs of impoverished children,” but they also deliver a large helping of loving kindness along with the material goods.

You can learn more about their projects and their mission, including how to travel with a purpose from Radhika and the dedicated people behind A Childhood for Children on their website. They welcome your donations and support for their upcoming Spring Benefit Concert Fundraiser on Saturday, June 6th. 

Do you know someone who started a nonprofit group to address the needs of those less fortunate? Nominate them for next week’s AmericanTown’s Heroes.

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