AmericanTown’s Heroes: Every Hero Has A Story

Every hero has a story and heroes are not always people who sacrifice their live for others. Heroes come in all shapes, sizes and ages, from children getting their first exposure to putting the needs of others before themselves, to seniors contining to give back as long as they can. 

Heros are among us and each of them has their own unique story of why and how they make a difference. And like like the saying every good man has a good woman behind him (or beside him), every town has its share of people working to support their neighbors and their community.

That’s the theme of a new program designed to raise awareness of the contributions made by local residents and to educate the children of their community about the ordinary people who have come to be known as local heroes.

The City Museum of Juneau is hosting this new program, which includes three walking tours of downtown Juneau along with a guide who will introduce the children to the real people, like “China Joe,” as well as heroes from the town’s past.

The Local Heroes Walking Tours was inspired by the museum’s curator Marjorie Hamburger, who said she was “looking for people whose stories inspire us and might lead a young person to think ‘I could do something like that, too’.” Hamburger continued that “her definition of heroes, when selecting people and stories to highlight, was not super-human people, but everyday people who stepped it up to serve the community, or who stood up for a moral cause when the opportunity arose.”

Does your town have local heroes from now or in the past? What are their unique stories? Tell us! and Nominate them for next week’s AmericanTown’s Heroes.

Photo of Mary Joyce, one of the “local heroes” celebrated in the City Museum’s new historical walking tours.
Photo credit: Juneau Douglas City Museum.

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