Rooftops Newsletter: How Do You Solve A Persistent Problem?

When the Problem is Persistent, The Solution is Persistence

Again this week, as the news focuses on the President’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year, news outlets across the country are carrying stories raising questions about what impact cuts in spending for so-called “social programs” might have on the lives of America’s neediest citizens. In many of those stories we have seen a familiar name – our own, the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger. The references are to our research and the findings that in 2014 approximately 10.2 million seniors were threatened by hunger. It is an impressive figure (but not in the positive sense of that word) and it should help us focus on this one critically important fact: we have a serious and persistent problem in America. Every year, more and more seniors are negatively affected by the scourge that is, frankly, inexcusable in this land of plenty.

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