Sep 15,2017: The Dan Band

The whole girl song thing started in one obliterated collision with the karaoke world, when Dan thought it would be funny to get up and sing “I Am Woman.” Funny for some maybe, but not for Dan. It was then that he realized yes, he still was an embryo with a long, long way to go.

He left the safety of the karaoke world and ventured out into the hardened streets of LA, where he found a couple of down and out backup guys, a full band of rocker renegades, mixed in some girl songs and some bad choreography, and from the afterbirth, the Dan Band was born.

They’ve played all over the LA area, starting at Largo, and ending up at Avalon (formerly The Palace) and have kicked ass in some tv shows and films, including “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, “The Late Late Show”, “Last Call with Carson Daley”, “Old School” and “Starsky Hutch”

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